Are You Running a Fashion Online Store? These Ecommerce Websites Will Inspire You in a Way You Never Felt Before

Are You Running a Fashion Online Store? These Ecommerce Websites Will Inspire You in a Way You Never Felt Before

Anyone that works in the fashion industry knows that the way things look is probably the most important factor to having a successful business. But, when starting out, or even when you are just looking to change up your own ecommerce website, sometimes it’s best to just take some inspiration from other sites, and that is why we are showing you three sites for you to get inspired by.

  1. Wolf and Badger

This ecommerce website was created by two brothers, Harry and George, who managed to put together an online store that is both, very interesting and exciting. Their website offers a whole bunch of products by the best of the best brands and that is because they do not create their own products. If you are also someone that does not create your products, this is a great direction to go into because it allows you to pick and choose between products according to your own criteria, as well as your customers’ needs. Along with this, their website is one of great design that is very responsive and also has intuitive navigation, and as an even bigger bonus for customers- free shipping.

  1. Tony Bianco

As a very popular Australian brand, Tony Bianco started with footwear known for their great quality and look, and the brand has now moved to selling accessories like hats, watches and more, as well as shoes. The quality of the products they sell is visible through the great product photos that they have on their ecommerce website. The owners have also opted for a sleek and simple design that is mostly black and white, which is perfect because it goes hand in the hand with the photos, since most of them are also black and white.

  1. LNA Clothing

The owners of this company have made a very smart move and decided to take advantage of something that is very popular and most people are already familiar with- fashion blogs. Their ecommerce website has a very handy “Blogger Picks” section that features products picked form a specific blogger and this helps get the site more visitors that otherwise would not have heard of this label. The overall design of the ecommerce is very minimal and clean looking, with a very simple layout and smaller product photos with product descriptions next to them.

If it’s inspiration you need, then hopefully this has you covered. Go for whatever tip you think will suit your ecommerce website’s needs, and remember to always pay attention to what your customers want and try your best to live up to their expectations, since it’s the customers that keep your business alive.

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