Top 5 Free E-commerce Solutions for Mobile Commerce

The mobile revolution has greatly changed the dynamics of e-commerce. According to a publication by Trinity Digital, more than 1.2 billion people access the internet each day using their mobile devices. The same report states that about half of the U.S. population accesses the internet directly from their mobile devices. This explains why giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay rake in billions of dollars each year of the mobile revolution. With those statistics in mind, here are the top 5 e-commerce solutions for mobile commerce:

When we talk about the fastest rising e-commerce solutions in the world, Shopify quickly springs to mind. This platform allows you to build out your own e-commerce store from the ground up, or add a site to their existing platform, if you will. Although Shopify harbors a ton of features such as over one hundred themes, an Internet-based web builder, capability to edit your e-commerce website’s CSS and HTML, one aspect that sets them apart from the competition is their mobile commerce support. For starters, they offer a free day trial. They also make management of stock, knowing exactly when an order is placed, and fulfillment of orders flawless on mobile devices.

When talking about the best e-commerce solutions for mobile commerce, SquareUp makes the list

Most people know SquareUp as a payment service and an innovative mobile payment system. However, a handful of people know that it harbors a powerful e-commerce website builder known as SquareUp. It’s free to download and designed for Smartphone or tablet. The good thing about SquareUp is that it’s continually being improved by a team of expert designers to give it innovative features to enable you to operate your online store effectively and efficiently and to optimize customer experience. The site deducts 2.7% of any sales as their commission.

WooCommerce continues to cause ripples in the e-commerce solutions mobile commerce market

The reason why WooCommerce makes our list is it allows you to effortlessly run your e-commerce solution on WordPress. When the term WordPress is mentioned regarding mobile integration, then you need to clear all the doubts you have about WooCommerce. As of this writing, WooCommerce has recorded more than 10 million downloads. Its reputation cannot be questioned as it powers more than 30 percent of all e-commerce websites in the world. What makes WooCommerce a deal breaker is that it consists of an IOS app that keeps you in the know about the activities of your store through your mobile device. Also, you can seamlessly download WordPress plugins through your mobile device to enhance the mobile functionality of your e-commerce solution.

PrestaShop – one of the fastest growing e-commerce websites today

PrestaShop is growing at breakneck speed. As of today, more than 250, 000 merchants have set up shop on this platform. On top of that, it harbors a community of over 800,000 members. PrestaShop is built upon a potent mobile commerce feature that includes a mobile-friendly shopping cart, an out of this world mobile shopping experience, and a highly responsive front and backend. On top of all that, the site offers smooth synchronization with Shopgate, software that enables you to create an Android and IOS app for your customers to supercharge their mobile shopping experience on the site. You have two options to utilize PrestaShop; download the software and build it out yourself or take advantage of their cloud-hosted alternative.

AspxCommerce is among the best e-commerce solutions for monitoring your site’s performance on mobile

If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution that takes mobile shopping experience to the next level, AspxCommerce is a pretty cool option. The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) feature sets it apart from the competition. This feature makes it easy to monitor your e-commerce website growth. It’s highly responsive design makes it easy for customers to access your store using desktop and mobile devices.


"There are multiple e-commerce websites that make customers’ mobile shopping experience exhilarating. However, it’s not easy to find free ones. We’ve distilled the list to five to alleviate your trouble of spending valuable time scouring the internet for the best solution. "

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